6 Ways to Relieve Headaches Quickly

November 21, 2018

Headaches may be a disease that most often affects almost everyone. You will definitely feel very disturbed if you get a headache in the middle of an activity or while taking a break, you should quickly consult a doctor or you can take headache medication according to your symptoms, or if you have a headache and not allow you to go pharmacies, you can buy drugs at online pharmacies such as “canadian pharmacy” so you don’t have to bother having to go buy drugs.

The following easy tips to relieve headaches.

  1. Massage the temples and do a small stretch

Having a headache when working will interfere with your focus. Take a few minutes to massage the temple area and do a small stretch, so that your muscles experience relaxation and you can return to work calmly. Do it to the muscles that you feel tense, such as the neck and hands.

  1. Rest in a dark and quiet room

Closing your eyes in a dark, quiet room can help relieve headaches because generally, headaches are sensitive to light and sound. In the dark, let the tense muscles relax on their own. You can also enjoy the atmosphere while listening to calm music, like music that is usually used for meditation.

  1. Compress the head with hot water or ice cubes

This method is definitely the way your parents do it most often when you were little. This old way can indeed relieve headaches quickly. Try using a hot water compress to relax the shoulder area, neck. This can relieve your headache. For a throbbing headache, use an ice cube wrapped in a towel, paste it on the forehead and temples.

  1. Drinking ginger water

Drinking ginger water is highly recommended for relieving pain in the head. You can combine these herbal plants with other natural ingredients, generally honey and lemon, but even more delicious if you add cinnamon, lemongrass leaves, and other herbal plants, it is good to drink when warm drinks.

  1. Coffee

Maybe you feel weird, you’re dizzy but why drink coffee? It’s strange because sometimes coffee is also a cause of headaches. But according to experts, the caffeine content can calm the nervous system tense but drink not in large amounts of coffee, just one glass to relieve your headache.

  1. Eat boiled potatoes

According to a vitamin expert, potassium can be a natural pain reliever, including headaches. Also, a lack of potassium can cause headaches or other complaints. Well, because potatoes contain high potassium, eat boiled potatoes to relieve your headache. Remember, boiled potatoes, not fries.

There are some simple and natural ways you can start when you have a headache.