4 Tricks of Sexual Excitement

October 8, 2018

Your sex life in previous years may seem boring. There is nothing wrong, including the new sex resolution that you and your partner want to do.

There are several changes that you can try. You should also try to order Viagra Online at Canadian Pharmacy to make your erection more durable. That way, the woman can actually reach her orgasm.

The following ways can make sex with a partner more passionate:

Don’t just focus on having sex

Don’t get me wrong, copulation is really fun. But many of us only focus on intimate relationships and forget about all the other sections.

For example, joint masturbation and oral sex.

Change the habit of becoming more creative by delaying sexual intercourse for a certain period of time. Try not to have sex in January.

As an alternative, you can do variations, such as oral sex.

Try masturbating together

Joint masturbation is one of the most underrated sexual activities. If you have never tried it before, you and your partner can do it.

You can also take turns masturbating with each other.

Through masturbation, you can also learn a lot about what your partner likes. Which body part is sensitive to touch You both will learn to have fun with each other.

Choose the month according to the sex theme

Another idea to excite sex, you can create a special schedule that is different each month. For example, throughout January, postpone to having sex.

So, January can be the no-intercourse month (no intimate relationship). In February can be a month for you and your partner to enjoy roleplaying. You can try in March with a special chat with the naughty chat with a partner.

In April, you and your partner can experiment with sex toys. The existence of different sex themes every month makes sex life fresher.

Schedule a session to sex therapy

You don’t have to have problems in sex life to take sex therapy. You can get a new idea to try in the bedroom.

Sex therapists can also help you learn to communicate ideas about sex to your partner.